Making friends

The other day, someone contacted me and asked me on a sort of work date, to meet up and work together, both of us being freelance writers. She is an acquaintance through mutual friends and in the past few weeks we have talked on social media, bonding over our shared profession and creativity. She is not the only one. I am talking about work with people I am sleeping with, with my ex, with my already existing friends that I used to talk mostly about school or boys, with people at house parties I do not know. I guess this is growing up, that gives a new meaning to making friends through shared interests. As we grow older, our careers consume more and more of our thoughts and time and becomes the distinguishing feature of our personalities through which we compare or differentiate ourselves from others.

This is certainly not true for all jobs, but I believe it almost inevitably happens to people in creative professions, most of whom regard their work not only as a job but a career. The privilege of creative work is that the motivation partly comes from inside, a big part of doing the job is actually wanting to do it. This is also the drawback when creativity dries up, but deadlines and finances are pressing, leaving us all desperate for the will to carry on and intellectual strength to create out of nothing.

This is why creative friendships are important. Other people are a constant source of inspiration, or if not, at least a policing eye over our shoulders, making sure we do not miss our deadlines just because we cannot be bothered at that moment. Collaborative art has given the world tremendous value. And after all, art is work, just like any other work and I strongly believe unity and cooperation can only help.


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