A personal update

I have always struggled with finances, ever since I have moved out of home. In a foreign country, without the support that most students receive from the government and their parents, it is difficult. I have missed out on a lot, both in terms of socialising and in terms of studies, because, for example, I could never afford to buy the books from the reading list. My studies and my self-esteem suffered a lot, not to mention my mental wellbeing. After because of an injury, I had to quit my job in the restaurant I had worked in for the first two years, things have got even more difficult than before. I have decided to give crowdfunding a go, to make sure I am able to complete my studies and get a good grade. If you have a few pennies to spare, please donate to my goal. £500 of the £5500 target will go towards a charity action to buy sanitary and hygiene products for food banks and domestic violence shelters in my local Southeast London.



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