Exposing oneself

I would not like to be one of those sad internet girls. To be fair, I have never been. For a really long time, I did not have my own laptop — this is also how I have missed out on most films even made throughout human history — and posting constant updates about crossing eyes with your crush or hating school is not that easy from your dad`s laptop.

I set up a Tumblr account when I was 16 or 17, but most of what I did was reposting fashion or tattoo photos, so I obviously have not been aware of its full potential. The other thing was, of course, that where I came from, Tumblr was not that big — the same with MySpace — and my English was not improved enough, my knowledge of Western culture was not sufficient enough to participate in the scene. The only time I have put my Tumblr account into good use was when I posted a short story I have written, in English. Looking back on it now, I still think it was quite good, for my age and my proficiency of the language at that point.

Read the rest on my Medium page, which has slightly different content and you can also follow it.


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