I think a good way to judge whether you are at the point of being comfortable with someone is to see if you can spend a significant amount of time in the same space, each doing something different than the other, without it being awkward. Maybe what Mia Wallace said about shutting the fuck up for a minute and share a comfortable silence in Pulp Fiction?

In the past few days, one of my favourite people in the world was staying in our house. He is not even originally my friend, but my housemates, but I was always looking forward to spending some time with him during his visits. And this has only partly do with the fact that every time I share some grim and TMI details about a date or my *slutty* thoughts, he does not judge, what`s more...

The other thing I have just realised on the last afternoon of him being here. It was one of those days when everything around us was confirming that we already knew, namely that 4pm was the time when the beers in the fridge cannot wait any longer. It was also one of those exceptional days when I did not do anything – useful – in particular, but it did not make me feel like a pile of shit.

A few drinks down, I have noticed something interesting. I was working on a writing project I am running with a friend and he was watching the most bizarre game show I have ever heard of. I have only noticed after more than half an hour. The point here is, I did not feel like I have to go and be in my room, just because otherwise I would be impolite. The requirements of common courtesy have receded to a completely different level, a level that not many people reaches with me, not because I am one of those people who feel the need to talk all the time, rather the opposite, if I need to do something on my own, I would normally just leave. Just for reference, later on we sang Britney out the open window, so there was no place left for common courtesy in any shape or form.

All in all, some people are just fucking great. It is a good thing to remember.


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