Does everyone feel like when they look at themselves in the mirror, they see someone completely different than who they imagine being, and then when photos are taken, you see a third appearance, not similar to the previous two?

The experience is often disappointing, but sometimes it can be surprisingly great. As a hahaha-very-funny joke of my body, any time I am incredibly hungover but need to turn up somewhere, at university for example and I bump into a mirror, I realise I look about ten times as good as usual. Not when I am drunk, though, sadly. As I get progressively more drunk, I look worse and worse every time I look at myself in the bathroom mirror. Not the biggest confidence booster when you are trying to pull.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder apparently, and for me, that actually means, not everyone`s definition of pretty is the same. I have a picture of myself that I really like and used as my Facebook profile picture for a long time, but I never really got too many likes on it. Same on Instagram. Weirdly, other pictures that I thought were nothing special proved to be very popular. Do I have a different image of myself than other people? Probably.

I`ve been complimented on my smooth skin quite a few times. I have always considered myself to be having a problem skin. How does this work then? Are you even able to tell accurately how you look like?


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