Our house

A few days ago I was sitting in the living room with my housemates and my blog got mentioned. They had a right go at me when they found out I have not written about them before, but I did about other people. Are we not interesting enough?

Yes, they are. I have not written about them because there is just too much. I could devote a whole blog just to them, with daily updates about what they said or did. Two of my three housemates I have met in first year, in my creative writing class. We have, funnily enough, barely ever talked that year, even though I spotted on the first seminar that these are the cool kids.

In second year, I started talking to Pip and what we initially bonded over was, interestingly, a cool story about a friend`s wallet being sent to Beijing, whom I have written here before. Leon, the other one, made friends with Pip earlier and eventually the three of us were going out to this amazing open mic event in our area most weeks and decided to move in together from this autumn onwards. So there you go, my friends, I have written about you.

But this is not all. Let me share my impressions about the two of them briefly.

Pip can take great imaginative leaps when it comes to describing her inner self using Keith Richards, wolves and broccoli as examples, all included in a single image.

Leon, in my opinion, does the best ever impersonation of a methodist pastor.

I have even made up my mind to do a short film about them. I am only saying this because now that I put it out there, I actually have to do it.


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